Wayne County-based Daniels and Daniels Construction Company named NCDOL Building Star Contractor

On Thursday, February 22, NC Labor Commissioner Josh Dobson joined nearly 100 attendees for the formal recognition. The NCDOL Building Star Program recognizes contractors demonstrating exemplary safety and health management systems. To become an NCDOL Building Star contractor, companies must showcase a commitment to safety, implement effective safety programs, maintain low injury rates, and undergo rigorous evaluation by the NCDOL.

“Workforce safety and health doesn’t get the attention that everything else gets, but it’s just as important. Because when a company looks to come here, they say, ‘Josh what’s your safety record and what do other construction companies look like, and I can say, look at Daniels & Daniels.’ There are organizations and companies that talk about safety and say it’s part of their culture, and then there are those companies that it is their culture. And what an example and commitment to excellence when it comes to safety and health that D&D has achieved tonight.” – NCDOL Commissioner Josh Dobson

With a decade-long partnership with the NCDOL, Daniels & Daniels has exemplified its dedication to safety. The company has successfully completed four NCDOL S.H.A.R.P projects and conducted numerous health and safety surveys, setting a high standard for the industry. Achieving Building STAR status is a testament to Daniels & Daniels’ relentless pursuit of safety excellence.

Daniels & Daniels’ exemplary safety practices were showcased in the 109,000 SF Fremont Elementary School project, chosen as the Building Star site. The project achieved an impressive milestone of 245,000-man hours worked with zero loss time, accidents, or injuries.

Daniels & Daniels Construction Company extends gratitude to NCDOL and the Star Consultative Representative Tyrone Taylor. The team received 167 out of 168 points after a rigorous review of the project safety documentation, site inspection, and worker interviews. “Safety is not what we do; it’s how we do it” – an ever-present message by Safety & Health Director, Mike Bryan, shared throughout the company.

D&D is the 24th Contractor in North Carolina to receive this recognition. As reported by the Association of General Contractors, there are over 23,000 General Contractors in North Carolina. “Daniels & Daniels Construction Company is committed to promoting the welfare of every employee, within and outside our organization. We applaud the work of every single employee for their unwavering commitment to safety and excellence”, Jeremiah Daniels, Vice President.

EDR is proud of Daniels and Daniels Construction Company for being named an NCDOL Building Star Contractor! We appreciate all you do to “build up” eastern NC!