Two EDR Sites Chosen for Selectsite Readiness Program

Exciting news for the North Carolina Global TransPark Economic Development Region: two EDR sites have been selected for the North Carolina Selectsite Readiness Program. The Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina released the North Carolina SelectSite Readiness Report, which details North Carolina’s efforts to identify up to fifteen (15) sites across the state best positioned to successfully serve major advanced manufacturing projects.  In 2023, the North Carolina General Assembly established a Selectsite Readiness Program (SRP) with a very specific purpose: to support the development of sites that would increase North Carolina’s competitiveness for the siting or expansion of major manufacturing projects in key industry sectors. This Program is a counterpart to the Megasite Readiness Program (MRP). The creation of the SRP recognized that not all major manufacturing projects require the 1,000-acre minimum needed to qualify as a Megasite.  The report (attached) is produced by the Site Selection Group (SSG), a national site location consulting firm, along with technical support provided by Thomas & Hutton (T&H), a full-service engineering and design firm. 

This report details the process that was undertaken to identify and support the development of the best positioned sites. SSG took care to publicize and recruit submissions of sites from across North Carolina and began its analysis with over sixty (60) sites that local governments, local economic development entities, and other partners put forward. 

Site 1: The North Carolina Global TransPark Site, spanning 515 acres, and Site 2: ParkEast Industrial Park, covering 285 acres in Wayne County. Funding will be used for due diligence/environmental studies, utility system analysis and potential site work. The inclusion of these sites in the report, prepared by the national site location consulting firm Site Selection Group with technical support from Thomas & Hutton, underscores the vital potential and importance of our region. We are deeply appreciative of this significant recognition and eager to see the growth opportunities it will bring.

To access the report, please click here.

Additional information on the program can be found at: North Carolina Selectsite Readiness Program (