Lenoir County Commissioners Tour Grupporeco-Reco Kinston Plant

Lenoir County Board of Commissioners and staff had the opportunity to explore the newly constructed Grupporeco-Reco manufacturing facility located in Hwy 70 Industrial Park in Kinston, NC. 

Grupporeco-Reco manufactures dishwasher components for neighboring Electrolux and other major bands worldwide. The Kinston location is their first North American facility. 

The visit provided a firsthand look at the facility’s impressive operations, showcasing the capabilities of this global manufacturer in the household appliance components industry. Grupporeco-Reco has made a substantial economic impact in our region since the announcement of its plans in August of 2021 with a $28 million investment and a total of 110 planned new jobs.

Furthermore, the tour allowed commissioners to better understand the needs companies of this size face and how local leaders can support industry needs.

Grupporeco-Reco, a market leader in engineering and manufacturing household appliances, is based in Italy and Poland.