Greene County Commissioners Tour Tide Tamer and Worth Products

It was a two-for-one day as the Greene County Board of Commissioners and other local officials toured both Tide Tamers and Worth Products in Snow Hill, NC. The group learned about the processes both local manufacturers use to create their products. 

Tide Tamer builds boat lifts, jet ski lifts, gangways, dock systems, and floating docks. They are internationally recognized, and their products are known for quality and value. For more on Tide Tamer, visit:

Worth Products is a CNC Machining and metal fabrication shop utilizing the newest technology to provide the highest precision and quality. They offer design services, CNC machining, welding, and product painting. For more on Worth Products, visit:

The North Carolina Global TransPark Economic Development Region is glad to see the productivity at both Tide Tamer and Worth Products. Both local industries represent the type of quality manufacturers found within the region.