Duke Energy Site Assessment of The North Carolina Global TransPark

Global Location Strategies (GLS) kicked off a Site Assessment with Duke Energy and the North Carolina Global TransPark Economic Development Region teams on July 25. Following the kickoff call, GLS conducted a preliminary desktop evaluation of the site and region. 

Then, on August 8, GLS conducted a site visit, including a detailed review of the community, workforce, site characteristics, utility infrastructure, and transportation. The site visit allowed the GLS team to understand the site’s advantages and disadvantages. It offered the community’s stakeholders insight into the questions that may arise during site visits for potential future investment projects.

From the visit and discussions, key takeaways were gained, and the North Carolina Global TransPark’s primary strengths and weaknesses were noted, which include:

  • Several site due diligence studies are complete
  • No environmental conditions have been identified
  • Strong existing utility capacities were found available for certain types of projects
  • Required improvements needed to accommodate larger-scale projects were shown
  • Access to a skilled, specialized manufacturing workforce is available
  • Availability to Lenoir Community College Aviation Center of Excellence

Overall, the Global TransPark offers unique opportunities for various manufacturing companies, but improvements are still needed to attract large-scale projects. The site assessment supplies a direction for improving the North Carolina Global TransPark to be a more attractive site to prospective clients.

Executive Summary and Site Overview Reports

Click the link below to see the video.

NC Global TransPark Conceptual Plans

Aerial video of the North Carolina Global TransPark showing conceptual plans for future hangers and taxiways. This video was created for a recent Site Assessment with Global Location Strategies (GLS), Duke Energy, and the North Carolina Global TransPark Economic Development Region.