Alta Foods, LLC invests $2 million in an expansion project creating an additional 17 jobs in Wayne County.

Goldsboro, NC, July 19, 2023 — Today, the North Carolina Goldsboro Global TransPark Economic Development Region has exciting news to share! Alta Foods, LLC., a leading manufacturer of flour and corn tortilla products, is expanding its operations in Goldsboro, bringing a wave of positivity and growth to the city and Wayne County’s economy. With new equipment and the creation of 17 additional jobs, Alta Foods is investing $2,000,000 over the next three (3) years into the City of Goldsboro and Wayne County.

County Manager Chip Crumpler stated “We celebrate this remarkable growth with Alta Foods and wish them continued success here in Wayne County. This announcement demonstrates the strong bond we have with our existing industries, ensuring that when they choose to expand, they choose our community.”

Don Barnes, the owner of Alta Foods, LLC, enthusiastically shared, “Our recent plant expansion in 2020 allowed us to meet market demand for our products and foster continuous growth. Now, with our expansion reaching full capacity, we are thrilled to embark on another exciting venture. Introducing a six-row mega corn line that will produce over 70,000 corn tortillas per hour, operating around the clock, this expansion not only creates more jobs but also increases the salaries of our existing employees. We are ready to supply a larger market with our exceptional products!”

Chairwoman Barbara Aycock of the Wayne County Board of Commissioners shared, “Wayne County is a wonderful place to call home, and we are thrilled that Alta Foods has chosen to expand its presence here. As a family-owned business, their commitment to our county and business community is inspiring. The Board of Commissioners remains dedicated to attracting and retaining industries like Alta Foods, ensuring a brighter future for all.”

Mayor David Ham added, “We couldn’t be happier about Alta Foods’ expansion and the creation of 17 new job opportunities in Goldsboro. Our city is a thriving hub for businesses, and we are committed to providing unwavering support for their sustainable growth and success.”

Mark Pope, NCGTPEDR President, expressed his enthusiasm for companies in rural eastern NC. He shared the tremendous news of Alta Foods expanding in Wayne County, which will bring 17 additional jobs and further investment to our community. “The dedication of Alta Foods to grow in Wayne County is a great example of the importance of our existing industries and the role they play in our local communities.”

This project’s success is a result of a collaborative effort between Wayne County, the City of Goldsboro, and the North Carolina Global TransPark Economic Development Region.  Together, we celebrate the expansion of Alta Foods and the bright future it promises for Goldsboro, Wayne County, and the entire region. This achievement underscores our unwavering commitment to economic growth, job creation, and prosperity for all.